The Alwaysraise Liftoff TM Fundraising Method is a three-step systematic process to achieve your medical devices & technology, pharmaceuticals & drug development, or digital health company’s most ambitious strategic fundraising goals.

Stage 1: “Load-and-Go”

Stage 1 – “Load and Go” – gets you and your team ready to converse with investors. We complete a comprehensive evaluation of positioning, founding team journey & vision in the context of the competitive landscape. We understand your path to market: options around your regulatory approvals/clearances, including your preclinical and clinical milestones. We work on the specific wording that will be employed in investor dialogues and use of capital raised. We anticipate and gather the information that investors will want to see in an evaluation of an investment in your company. We build out in detail your pro-forma revenue model and have initial discussions with investors.

Stage 2: “Ignition”

Stage 2 – “Ignition” – gets you and your team in the thick of the action. We discuss the opportunity to invest in your company with industry-specific venture capital funds, broad-focus venture capital funds, family offices, and strategic (corporate) investors, both in the United States and globally. We continually integrate feedback into our presentation and evolve as we evaluate options. We generate multiple options for your business moving forward.

Stage 3: “To Orbit and Beyond”

Stage 3 – “To Orbit and Beyond” – closes your transaction and launches your company into orbit and beyond. We select the right partner investors to grow your business and negotiate appropriate investment terms. We build a consortium of investors or complete a transaction with a strategic partner. We work together on the long-form transaction documents side-by-side with your legal counsel including share purchase agreement, shareholder agreements and other documents as necessary. We ensure a smooth funds transfer and map out your strategic plan for the next phase of growth.

We are a team 100% made of entrepreneurs who have formed businesses, raised capital, and completed exits as operators and advisors. We understand the importance of your founding team achieving your mission and are there to get you there and beyond.